Vanilla Salted Caramels

You will never buy caramels again


Caramel candies are really easy to make. These are perfect for the holidays since you can make them yourself and give them away as gifts for your friends and family! Make sure you have some time and patience and these will turn out perfect. Also remember these can be modified to anything you want! I can't wait to dip them in chocolate! 

Things you need:

-Big cooking pot 

-Candy thermometer (BUY IT) 

-Wooden spoon 

-Measuring cups 

-Cookie sheet with a silicon mat 


-4 cups heavy cream

-4 cups of sugar

-170 grams butter

-2 cups of light corn syrup

-1 tbsp liquid vanilla 

-Coarse sea salt 

-Cooking spray 


Spray cooking spray on the silicon mat and the edges of the pan.

Place the butter in the pot and cook until golden. Now add the sugar, cream, and light corn syrup.

Mix every 3-5 minute until bowling begins. Now reduce heat to medium and cook until the candy thermometer reached 248 F. This is very important! When it reaches over 240 you can lose it very quickly! Make sure you keep an eye on it! Don't forget to stir!

If you will leave momentarily unattended place the wooden spoon across the pot so there are no spills. 

Once it reaches 248 F turn off the heat and quickly add the vanilla and pinch of sea salt and mix. Now quickly add the caramel on the pan.

Let cool overnight (at least 8 hours)

Finally cut into squares and top with more sea salt.

Keep refrigerated.