The Most Delicious Pad Thai 

What do Miso and Sriracha have in common? Both make this delicious pad thai! 



So yeah... I Went to the japanese store and found me some miso and sriracha. I thought about all the possibilities and went straight to my kitchen. My bf is stocked about the chicken sriracha quesadillas btw! 

So I started my search with the miso-sriracha adventure. I saw some chicken meatballs, the well-known miso soup and some other really delicious recipes. Nevertheless, I am an absolute fan of the pad thai. On my semester abroad in Hong Kong, I got to travel to Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and more, and I just couldn't get enough of the food. 

Finally found it. It does have an extra kick, (I'm guessing the street-food pad thai in Bangkok doesn't use miso or sriracha) but it will be your best creation. Believe me and take it from the ultimate fatso (me, of course), this is the best pad thai I've even made!


First get your miso. The recipe called for a white mellow miso. I do not know what that meant because the only one I found is brownish and low sodium. So I'm guessing whichever your miso is, will probably work. Then find your sriracha, if you live in a big city it won't be a problem. But it is hard to find when you live in a small mexican town. Gladly I found it. Once you have your two best friends, we begin. 



8 oz of rice noodles 

Peanut Oil (I do not want to tell you how much because you will use as much as you think you need to) 

14 oz of tofu divided in 2-3 cm cubes 

2 cups of broccoli florets

2 cup of scallions chopped

1 cup of cilantro chopped 

4 garlic cloves chopped 


2 tbsp tomato paste 

5 tbsp tamari soy sauce (this is gluten free soy sauce but if you do not care about this use regular soy sauce) 

6 tbsp brown sugar 

1/4 cup lime juice 

2 tbsps sriracha 

2 tbsps miso (I used brown and worked perfectly but the recipe says you can use white also) 

To serve: 

Peanuts ( i didn't roast them but the recipe calls for roasted peanuts)

Extra Lime wedges


Perfectly browned tofu is the cherry on the top for this vegan, gluten free, vegetarian pad thai! Learn how to make it and never go back to terrible tofu! 

Perfectly browned tofu is the cherry on the top for this vegan, gluten free, vegetarian pad thai! Learn how to make it and never go back to terrible tofu! 

Noodles first. Boil some water and add some ground salt. Place your noodles (check the 8 oz, some packages have 14 oz and that would require more sauce). After 6 minutes remove from the boiling water and rinse with cold water to stop the cooking process. Place some oil in your hands and evenly coat the noodles to avoid sticking. Set aside. 

Now the tofu. If like me, you are not an expert in tofu browning, I recommend this excellent tutorial on how to brown tofu from The PPK.  So grab your non-stick pan and place it on high flame for about 2-3 minutes. Add some peanut or sesame oil and then carefully place your tofu. It must be sizzling, if not, turn the heat up. Sprinkle some salt to your tofu. Now carefully start turning your tofu to make it all brown. I do not have a steel spatula so I used two spoons and really carefully turned them over until they were all brown. Simply delicious. Set aside once finished and cover to keep warm. On the same pan, place some more oil and roast your broccoli. Cover and toss for like 2 minutes. Place the broccoli with your tofu and cover to keep warm. 

Now your sauce. On a big bowl place your sauce ingredients and mix well. Your miso may not blend as good as the other ingredients but do not worry. Heat a big skillet with some oil and then place your garlic (I would've used some ginger too but I didn't have any) and then your scallions and cilantro. Toss around for 30 seconds and then add half of your sauce. Whisk around and add your noodles. Combine thoroughly and mix. 

To the mixture, add the tofu and broccoli and the rest of the sauce. Do not mingle too much the tofu or it'll break. Combine well.

Serve with peanuts, extra lime wedges and kiss. :) 

I got the recipe from this wonderful webpage where surely I'll be getting more recipes; The Post Punk Kitchen! 

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