Raw Asian Zoodles

Perfect for a quick and easy dinner. Detox food. 

I'm currently on a detox challenge. This after gaining 5 kilos in less than one month (december obviously). So i decided I had to stop. I'm actually going to be posting on a blog post all my dinners and foods I had during the detox, but this one is worth sharing right now. 

I got the recipe from Choosing Raw and made some tiny changes. Overall, a very easy and quick dinner

Asian Dressing:

- 6 dates pitted soaked for at least 10 minutes 

-3/4 cups of olive oil

-2 tbsp of sesame oil

-4 tbsps miso paste

-2 tbsps tamari soy sauce

-Juice of 1 lime

-1/3 water 


-Spiralize 2 zucchinis 

-slice in matchsticks 2 carrots 

-Juliene red cabbage 

Place all your dressing ingredients on a food processor and pulse until you get a creamy and well blend consistency. Pour over your zoodles and mix. I placed some green beens at the end to get the crunchy extra. Enjoy!