Perfect Tzatziki

Great for get-togethers, reunions or just an appetiser


Me and my friends get together at least once a week. Since starting with this enthusiastic cooking venue I've decided to bring something every week. This week was tzatziki for dipping. It's easy and sincerely delicious!


7-8 hours inactive

45 minutes active 


-400 ml (give or take) of quality greek yogurt (thick) 

-1 cucumber 

-Dill, parsley, mint, pepper, chilli powder, basil (You choose according to your preference) 

First, on a bowl, slice with a grater the cucumber. You will notice the excess of water. Let sit for 15-20 minutes then drain. I used a nut bag to drain the excess of water. (Which was a lot!) Pour the yogurt on a bowl and add the cucumber. Mix well. Add some pepper and your garnish or choice. I used a little basil, pepper and coban powder. Mix and let rest overnight. 

Bon Appetit!